Services that will be performed by Barberry Group:

Management of current and future rail flows via the rail corridors which are situated within the domestic, export and cross-border markets.

1. Service design and Contract Management
  • Review the service-designs developed for the trains operating within corridors and implement improvements together with Transnet Freight Rail.
  • Review, negotiate and conclude rail transport agreements with Transnet Freight Rail on behalf of, or in conjunction with the customer.
  • Create further capacity by identifying and arranging appropriate wagon fleets and slot capacities in conjunction with Transnet Freight Rail and the supplying mines.
  • Assist with simplifying administrative procedures.
  • Provide ongoing consulting services relating to improving the rail services provided and reducing rail transport and demurrage costs.
  • Monitor and reconcile the customers rail transport accounts with the transport agreements concluded with Transnet Freight Rail.
  • Reconcile demurrage costs incurred by the customer.
  • Stockpile Management at the mines as well as at the customer.

1.1. Rail management

1.1.1 Wagon Demand
  • Confirm wagon demand with Transnet Freight Rail weekly by means of the Next Weeks Business process.
  • Confirm with the mines that the demand is received and discuss and formalize any anticipated deviation from the plan with Transnet Freight Rail, and the customer.
  • Communicate daily with Transnet Freight Rail regarding acceptance of the planned demand and any changes that may be needed, i.e. production problems or scheduled maintenance.

1.1.2. Loaded Wagon Tracking
  • Ensure the flow of full wagons in the logistic channels. This involves receiving specific wagon numbers and communicating total numbers to the customer on a daily basis.
  • Confirm the transit of these wagons through the respective logistic channels

1.1.3. Empty Wagon Tracking
  • Ensure the flow of empty wagons for ring-fenced trains. This involves working together with Transnet Freight Rail and communicating supplies to the customer on a daily basis.
  • Confirm the arrival of these wagons at the mines on a daily basis.

1.1.4. Load Out Point Management
  • Liaise with the Mines and Transnet Freight Rail regarding product availability to ensure that sufficient product is available for loading. Barberry Group has no control over production but will communicate with the customer and Transnet Freight Rail so that trains are diverted and demand adjusted if there is insufficient product.

1.1.5. Off Load Point Management
  • Daily communication with offloading points regarding the number of wagons available in the sidings under load and empty.
  • Manage offloading capabilities and liaise with Transnet Freight Rail for the shunting and return of the empty wagons.

1.1.6. Wagon Maintenance Monitoring
  • Monitor dedicated fleets and identify wagons which are removed due to breakdowns.
  • Ensure that Transnet Freight Rail Maintenance is made aware of the wagon and monitor the progress on a daily basis until the wagons are repaired and returned to the fleet.

1.1.7. Reporting
  • Preparation of management reports which include the consigned train number, the wagons loaded and the tons per wagon. This consignment data will be cross-referenced and reconciled on a weekly basis.
  • Report will include transit times for the entire logistic channel as well as time taken to load and off-load.
  • Barberry Group will compile a monthly report indicating the total performance of the services.
  • Barberry Group will perform total rail tracking to co-ordinate the logistic flows of the traffic and report such to the customer on a daily basis.
  • Barberry Group will engage with Transnet Freight Rail, Operations, Train Planning and Monitoring Centres, which are manned on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis with the ability to provide dynamic decision making so as to act on incidents that affect the efficiency of the corridor.
  • Barberry Group will be utilizing the data supplied by the SPRINT system of Transnet Freight Rail as a wagon tracking system for all traffic on this corridor and will update data on a daily basis.

1.1.8. Mine and Customer visits
  • Barberry Group will undertake to visit the customer on a monthly basis to ensure that the logistic channels operate at maximum capacity and efficiency.

2. Rate and service improvements
  • Based on the rail tracking activities and supply chain visibility we envisage that operational performance and fleet utilisation will improve and therefore these benefits will accrue.